A Newly Released Book, La Abuelita de Hiroshima: Educación para la Paz by Kamada, Nanao, M.D., M.Sc

“La Abuelita de Hiroshima: Educación para la Paz” is the Spanish translation of Hiroshima no Obaachan, originally written in Japanese in 2005 by Dr. Kamada. It was published in 2022, following the revised edition of the Japanese (2005), English (2007), French (2018), and German translations (2020). Kamada, Nanao, is a medical doctor who has treated… Read More »

Children’s Project for Peace

              The current situation in Ukraine has brought the war to a level where no-one can ignore the danger of a nuclear apocalypse. The United Nations and several countries have asked for negotiated settlement. President Biden has not embraced this approach and the United States continues with a military… Read More »

Samantha Smith’s Inspiration

President Vladimir Putin: 4 Staraya Square, Moscow 103132 President Joseph Biden: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, D.C. 20500 Dot Walsh, Peace Chaplain/ I am writing this letter to offer an alternative plan to end the violence in Ukraine.  I have studied, practiced, and educated people about violence and the alternatives of non-violence throughout my lifetime. … Read More »

Barbara Reynolds and World Friendship Center - An American who brought the voices of A-bomb survivors to the world

This pamphlet in English was published by The World Friendship Center (WFC) in Hiroshima in 2021 to tell people in the world about what Barbara Reynolds (1915-1990) contributed toward peace as an activist and founder of the World Friendship Center, WFC, in Hiroshima. “Barbara Reynold’s Timeline” at the end of the pamphlet offers readers ample… Read More »

NAKAGAWA Cristiane Izumi, our co-researcher, was awarded for her psychological research on atomic bomb survivors

NAKAGAWA Cristiane Izumi, LinguaHiroshima’s co-researcher, received the University of Sao Paulo (USP) Distinguished Thesis Award 2021 for her Ph.D. research in the field of human sciences. Her thesis is titled, “Trauma e sentido, culpa e perdão, vergonha e honra nos hibakushas: um estudo de testemunhos e seus paradoxos” (“Trauma and meaning, guilt and forgiveness, shame… Read More »

AERA (August 10, 1995)-A commemorative issue published in the 50th year after the war

On the cover, do you see a shadow of a child’s face that AERA superimposed on an image of the mushroom cloud taken by the US Air Force 76 years ago? We found a copy of this commemorative issue of the weekly magazine, AERA (August 10, 1995), on the website of “Academy,” a long-established secondhand… Read More »

Donald Lathrop’s Memoir: Pearl Harbor

I was born on January 30, 1934.  Hence, I was 7 years and about 10 months old. I suspect my parents told me about it.  I think I was a bit young to understand the magnitude of the event. Now I think it was terrible.  We spent a day at Pearl Harbor in January of 1986. … Read More »

A Newly Released Book—The girls in the furisode: The two Tales

This multilingual (Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean) booklet contains a story of to A-bombed girls, who were cremated in their long-sleeved kimonos (called “furisode” in Japanese) put on after their death in Nagasaki. The story was originally published in a picture book, “The Girls in Furisode”, written and illustrated by Hiroshi Matsuzoe,… Read More »

Nuclear Disarmament and the Peace Symbol

Nancy Meyer The ubiquitous circular graphic called the Peace Symbol appears in popular culture on everything from earrings to bumper stickers. Everyone has seen it, almost everyone has displayed it, but few people know its origin. History The Peace Symbol was originally created to support nuclear disarmament in February, 1958, by a British artist named… Read More »

[Revised] Newly Registered Books — Kanazawa, Etsuko. Since That Day; Desde Aquel Día; あの日から

E-book.  Private Publication. Categories:  memoir and juvenile literature LinguaHiroshima uploaded the publication information of the e-books available in three languages, Japanese, English, and Spanish.  Illustration by her son, Hiroaki Nagano. This e-book is an account by Etsuko Kanazawa, who was sixteen years old at the time of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki.  Her thirteen-year-old… Read More »